• Membership Application
  • Mission
      • The internal objectives of the SFAPOA will be to promote career development of its members within the San Francisco Police Department and establish a representative body to work with the Asian and Pacific Island communities in the City and County of San Francisco.
    • The external objectives of the SFAPOA will be to promote inter-community communication through affiliation with existing groups and/or organizations with the City and County of San Francisco and provide assistance with activities, programs, and services that are cultural, educational, recreational, and vocational.
  • Membership Categories
      • Regular Member:
        All persons actively employed with or retired from the San Francisco Police Department are eligible to be regular members.
      • Associate Member:
        All persons who identify with and support the objectives and goals of this organization are eligible to be an associate member.
      • Honorary Member:
        Any person who is not a member, but has made a measurable and exceptional contribution to this Association’s goals may be made an honorary member.
    • Corporate Member:
      Those corporations that are supportive of the goals and objectives of the SFAPOA may be made corporate members.
  • Dues
    • Dues shall be paid at the rate of five dollars per pay period by direct deposit, or thirty dollars per quarter, or sixty dollars semi-annually to maintain a regular membership. Failure to keep dues current shall result in non-voting status.